Friday, June 26, 2009

Princess Protection Program + Free T-shirt

1. Go to and write in.
2. Log in your account and click 'Clubs'. Below you could find the 'Sponsored Clubs' and join club 'Princess'

3. We could get these princess stuff if there will be enough members!

Free T-shirt:

1. Click 'Take the Quiz'
2. Fill the quiz and click 'Submit'
3. And you will find the shirt in a box on your suite!


IchigoKiss said...

It's not working for me ;^; is there any other proxy site?

StardollGossip said...

Its soo slowely

StardollGossip said...

I can't find the sponsored clubs

Anonymous said...

how do i know that i'm in the club ? :) because i click on get member of this club.. but i don't see anything..

Anonymous said...

it wont load soo i went on the pzeg and it worked but when i click on the join club button nothing happens

please help mee

Anonymous said...

to the one above
Oh and my stardoll account iss mum
if anyone knows how to help please tell mee

Anonymous said...

it did worked for me, but when I want to go to the club, it says " club is not available" wtf?

Viktoria said...

It is not working for me....:((

pinkpanthom said...

just reload it many times...I reload it like 10 times and then it worked...just be patient guys

Anonymous said...

there is another proxy website it's

but i tried it before.. i can see the sponsored club but i can't open the club..

Anonymous said...

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My name on StarDoll is,
Please help me, in my gb
It won't work!!!

Anonymous said...

where do it said princess?

Loo__x said...

Please join my club:


thank you

Amy ;D said...

Doesnt work. idk if the club is available still