Friday, June 12, 2009

New Spoiler!

Hello guys!

This pink, Hannah Montana T-shirt is probably free. It's usual cut. Well this dress... It's really wonderful. I like and want it lol But how do we could get it? Can we buy it in StarPlaza? Maybe will it be Voile gift dress? Or could we win this dress with a contest?

Go to
Write in
Log in your account
After that go to Cinema/ Hannah Montana The Movie
You will find the shirt on your page!

What do you think about them?



Jennifer said...

I think it will be a gift dress but, I'm not sure!

purple456 said...

The T-Shirt Is Free,Check Out Clubfree Stuff.Blogspot.Com.

And The Dress Was Worn As Ashley Tisdale On More Than 1 Occasion. X0x0x0

Esprit321 said...

Hey can u please TEACH me how to make my own header 4 my blog ??


Just comment on any post that I do and I'll thank u 4 it !