Monday, June 15, 2009

Free Hannah Montana Movie Dress

The beautiful black and white dress from the Hannah Montana movie is FREE! on Stardoll now.
1. Go to a proxy site like
2. Put in the URL bar
3. Log in to Stardoll and then Log out
4. Exit the Proxy server
5. Log in to your account and go to your suite.
The dress should be there next to your closet
Note: It's ok if the video doesn't show up.
Thanks to The Stardoll Insiders for the instructions to get the dress.


Becki said...

OMG! Thanks for posting that, the dress is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

it didnt work!

Anonymous said...

I tried to do what u said.......
I really followed the instructions...but it didn't work at all....what do i do now?Its my birthday in a few days and i really want to wear that dress.....Help
please where can i get that dress?????

Anonymous said...

Help plz....I want that dress.....

Anonymous said...

becki how did u get that dress?