Sunday, February 22, 2009

Some new stuffs

Hey dear readers!

Earlier I already put some stuffs here and I think you were happy of them. So I do same again.
These stuffs are going to be released in Starplaza soon:

I think they don't look bad. I really like 2nd and 3rd shirts, neckaces and skirt.
How do you like them?

ELLE???? Maybe Stardoll will release a new ELLE Collection in Starplaza in March????
It would be great. I think the 1st collection looks so good and the prices of clotheses were cheap and friendly for members.

What do you think ELLE comes to Stardoll again?



Anonymous said...

Hi girls!
Great new musics!
The white blouse in the third line looks familiar, I don't know why...O.o
It would be SO great to have a new collection of Elle's!

Keep up the great work ;)


bad_princess said...

IT would be great to have a new elle collection,realy great!

Тиффани Джонс said...

tell me please where you find this? please =)