Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Limited Edition!

Hey girls!

Wow, new LE collection comes to Stardoll soon. AGAIN. I think the sooner the better :)
I'm sure it is going to be expensive but new LE looks great and amazing and I will buy some stuffs. It's youthful and colorful. It's a real Spring collection. :)

And I adore this hairstyle. I would like to see how my doll looks with that hair as soon as possible lol

What do you think of new LE and prices?



exitgirls said...

I like it very much..Adri where did you get this pictures?:D

Adri said...

The previous was in Stardoll Magazine for a short time.

EyelinerAddictx said...

I'm looking forward to it but its just the prices and its for superstars only (:

Anonymous said...

I really like some things of a new LE line, but but collecton before was better to me =)

smiliuxxx said...

I add it in my blog:
Check out

Aryana:]] said...

I like it.
But I adore the old one better!
But I can't wait till it comes out!.

HarajukuGirlPL said...

I add it in my blog