Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Candie's spoiler...

Hello Readers!

The Candie's newest face is Britney Spears after Claire Bennet of Heroes, Hayden Panettiere in 2009. You could see the clothes on website of Candie's
(Thanks for the info to katara4)

It means there will be new Candie's store on Stardoll.
There are new spoilers here. I really like 2 dresses and purple top on 1st pic. And on 2nd picture the bags, scarfs and jewels.

What do you think of these stuff and wait the new shop?



Bella said...

Cool , thanks for info ! Ciao Girls :*

katara4 said...

...i love the pink / purple ones...

btw i think the clothes are from the kohl's shop :)
more infos in my blog ;)