Wednesday, July 29, 2009


OMG. It's cool that we could get HB shoes for free in this suite lol

Hello visitors!

I bought HB Platforms for 0$ on Chinese Stardoll. It would be great if we could buy them for that on 'normal' Stardoll.


hayleigh1998 said...

oh my gosh
the chinese stardoll got lucky!!!!!

Regina226 said...

it's free on normal stardoll too, but you can find them only if you search for rio chicas ^^

Anonymous said...

Stardoll released them free, by accident, but now they are 8 stardollars.
:O A bit.. much for shoes.
Im Courtsdiva97 on stardoll, just cba to sign into blogger x

Susannah123 said...

I got them for freee x