Friday, April 10, 2009

LE Spoiler

Hey again!

I was looking at my e-mails when I found a very interesting mail from Stardoll. I think you all got this letter.
New Limited Edition is coming soon. And I can't wait it. I really love it and it brings the true spring.
Flowers, Colours, Hippy Style.... I really want to look at them in Starplaza now :)

What do you think of new LE?


Ichigo said...

I think this is gonna be great,afterall it's spring going into summer..Can't wait

katara4 said...

i havent got a mails of it...
and now i havent much money :(
i hope they will be a bit cheaper than the old ones ó.o`

Sweet-Truskawka said...

Wow! Spring rules!