Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Evening Dresses of a Hungarian Designer

Hello visitors!

Well, this is my first post in January of 2010... I'm lazy and busy because of the school.

I want to introduce work of a popular fashion designer in my country. His name is Tamas Naray.
The name of that evening dress collection is Haute Couture 2010.
The typical colours are gold, silver, bronze and black in this fantastic collection. I really like his designs, because they always look elegant and chic.
My favourite evening dresses are above what I would wear on a ball.

What do you think about that collection?


Julia Tyrell said...

Those evening dresses look fantastic. Is the designer distributing in Hungary only? The designs could make it big in the US.

Anonymous said...

Want to see evening dresses from Hungarian designers. Check out www.cinniaedua.com They ship to the US as well.

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