Friday, March 6, 2009

About hairstyles....

Hey girls!

I collected some hairstyles on Stardoll. It would be great if we could get some new. I wrote Stardoll many times that what kind of hairs I would like to see on my doll.
I really love hairstyles of LE and Rihanna.
Which one do you like most?


Pretty in Pink


DKNY Spring 09

Eva Mendes

Hot Buys Winter


Anonymous said...

I really love hairstyles of Pretty in Pink, LE, DKNY spring 09 and Rihanna too:).


Muffins0012 said...

Yeah, My stardolls Muffins0012. Maybe stardoll should create better hairs in future.

Shy_Laydee94 said...

Pretty in Pink

I really like that one :)

Nick said...

I like the ''LE''-Hairstyle best ;)
Your Nick ;)

From and

PS: My Stardoll-Name is Nickschmidt

Sweet-Truskawka said...

Pretty hairstyles.:)
I like hairstyle from LE and more.

Fashion.Fantasy said...

LE and Hotbuys Winter are my favourites :)

Anonymous said...

finally we got the Riri-Hairstyle♥
i really like it.

Vanessa aka. Dixiklo

Vintje said...

The LE is Fab!

Faaraah. said...

I love the Pretty in Pink hairstyle. It looks cah-ute!

Julia said...

My fave is Pretty In Pink and LE. I like hair up...idk why...

ps. my stardoll username is: cairnpugz